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Modality of the Month:
Visceral Manipulation


Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a manual therapy that helps the body release restrictions of the organs (viscera).  This technique consists of gentle specifically placed forces that encourage the normal motion of the viscera and connective tissue which positively affects the musculoskeletal system.  The therapist who practices VM assesses the entire body for restrictions and applies VM techniques.

Visceral Manipulation was developed by French Osteopath and Registered Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral.  Through his research, he was able to identify the relationship between viscera (organs) and somatic dysfunction.  His research demonstrated that the other systems of the body (musculoskeletal, spinal and cranial) would self- correct after Visceral Manipulation.

In France, the French word “manipulation” is translated into English to mean “to care for with your hands.”  VM is not a technique that implies chiropractic adjustments.

A client can schedule a VM session for the entire appointment, or VM can be used in combination with other techniques.  Please note that VM is not a substitute for medical care.

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