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Modality of the Month: Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient pain relief technique that releases stuck energy from beneath the skin to promote Qi and blood flow.  The basic Gua Sha technique uses a Gua Sha tool, usually a ceramic soup spoon to lightly scrape the skin’s surface.  Gua Sha can be a stand alone session lasting for 10-20 minutes, or it can be blended with additional bodywork techniques, such as Deep Tissue Massage or Reflexology.
Gua Sha scraping of the skin may cause splotchy red marks to appear in the area being spooned as the blood rises to the surface of the skin.  These splotchy spots are known as “Sha.”  The Sha only appears in tight areas of the body that need energy release.  The marks are painless and temporary, and they will disappear after a few days.
After a Gua Sha session, you may feel a significant improvement of your pain, however, it is a good idea to relax for the rest of the day.  Make sure to cover the area, so that it is not exposed to the wind or cold if you go outside.  If your neck has been involved with Gua Sha, bring a scarf to your session.  Gua Sha opens your pores, therefore, do not go swimming or take a shower for five hours after your session.

Gua Sha Stand Alone Session Pricing:
10 minutes: $15.00
15 minutes: $20.00
20 minutes: $30.00


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